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Here at Cornwall Chicken Houses we build your hen house from scratch and can tailor it to your exact size and style requirements, or design for you a house to fit your budget. 

All our chicken houses are hand made here in Newbridge, near Penzance. We can design your house for you or work from a sketch or photo provided by you. Typically we use 16mm timber for the cladding which give a thickness of approximately half and inch, and our framework is mostly based on 2x2 framing, so these will be solid and heavy - they'll stay where you put them regardless of the gale force!

We can work to a specific budget or with a specific end image in mind, so everything from a basic house with internal nesting bays to a luxury pent-hen-house.

Browse through our gallery to see the most recent projects we have worked on.

Prices range from approximately £280 for a basic 4-6 hen house with internal nesting bays to around £5/600 for a 12 bird luxury eye catching peice with an external nest box and routed framework encapsulating the cladding, depending on how far you want to go with adding on nifty extras.

We can also make runs of any size.  It is worth looking at electric poulty netting and fencer setups if you want a large enlosed space as the cost of a wood and mesh run soon overtakes the cost of an electrifiecd netting setup beyond a certain size. A small run of Aprox 90cm x 85cm x 85cm using half inch wire mesh, with an access door in the top is £30. Please ask for prices for the size you require.

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