We keep the following breeds of domestic chicken here on a regular basis:

  • Light Sussex L/F
  • Chocolate & Lavender Pekin Bantams
  • Gold & Silver Sebright Bantams

We can offer for sale any of the above from hatching eggs to point of lay, subject to availability. We can also offer a egg hatching service, using fully automated, digitally controlled machines. Our charges for this service are simply £2 per egg, for both chicken or duck eggs, provided hatchlings are collected on hatching day.

We also have R-com 20 fully automatic incubators for hire, deposit required. Please telephone for details (01736 333848, and ask for Ros).

You are welcome to e-mail us or call us if you would like any advice or tips on incubation/hatching/rearing, and we'll be happy to help where we can.