Birds for Sale - Chicks to Chickens!

light sussex hens 2     Light Sussex Nesting

We keep the following breeds of domestic chicken here on a regular basis:

  • Light Sussex
  • Lavender Pekin Bantams
  • Chocolate Pekin Bantams
  • Gold and Silver Sebrights
  • Lohmann Browns

We not do mass produce our chickens but raise them in small enough numbers to ensure that not only are they raised to the highest possible standards of welfare, but that they also get a reasonable amount of interaction with us, so that they will be tame enough to make ideal pets for anyone.

01736 333848 - if there is no reply we may be out with the chickens, so you may leave a message and we'll call you back, or try the mobile number and you might get through to a chicken! (or a goat...) 07796 421358.