Chicken Houses

This page shows our standard hen houses. For our tailor made and standard compatible runs click here.

We construct our hen houses from either 16mm or heavier 19mm timber - not the least bit flimsy! Unless stated, they all come treated with wood preserver to ensure they still look great in many years' time. Successfully established for over 7 years, we're not going to disappear into the black hole of the internet after your purchase! And, you can of course come and view our houses, by appointment, where you can see for yourself if these are really what you are looking for!

How much space do chickens need in their hen house? This question was put to the agricultural specialist at our local country store, who has well over a decade of experience with such things rural, and he insists at least 1 square foot per large bird when roosting, not including the nest areas, so this is why we are quoting a more generous amount of space per bird than other websites. Our numbers are based on Large Fowl, and will therefore accomodate higher number of birds of smaller breeds.


SAM_6059 giant hen house  13931572_516056605256541_304445228_o 

 Giant Hen House 12-birdConstructed from 16mm tanalised Tongue and Groove timber. House 1200mm wide, plus nest box, 900 mm deep£445

16 bird, house size 1200mm x 1200 plus nest box and roof overhangs £565

Giant Hen House 16-bird, Coloured in Blue as pictured. 2m wide, 1.2m deep, 1.6m high, 19mm TGV construction, 4 roost bars, slide out base £595(Additional nestbox add £60)   From August 15th 2016 we will be focusing on custom made hen houses and runs, such as the above house, which as a guide is £305 plus delivery. This example is suitable for 4 hens, by providing the required 1 square foot of roosting space per bird with a minimum of 2 feet in height.

 Sectional runs can be tailored to suit the space you have available. If you know what the approximate dimensions of the size of run you would like, please telephone us on 01736 333848 for a quote. All our runs are constructed using 12mm x 24mm weldmesh, and tanalised timber, jointed using screw fixings. The end section has a hinged access to enable you to remove feeders etc without having to move the whole run.

Prices start approx £10 per square foot of floor space - the larger the run the less per sq foot. Please visit the runs page from the drop down menu.